Appeals and Complaints for Vocational & Technical Qualifications

As vocational and technical qualifications come in a range of shapes and sizes, and fulfil a range of purposes, they are not all being treated in the same way and the grounds for appeal may vary. You should speak to your school or college if you think you might have reason to appeal.

Schools and colleges can submit an appeal on your behalf, and in some cases awarding organisations are accepting appeals directly from learners. Private candidates can appeal directly.

Remember that if you appeal your grade, it can go up, down or stay the same.

Awarding organisations:

  • must allow reasonable time for learners and centres to decide whether to request an appeal
  • may charge a fee for providing some information
  • are required to publish their appeals process on their website

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the appeals process, you can make a complaint to Ofqual.

If you have concerns about bias, discrimination or anything else that suggests that your school or college did not behave with care or integrity when determining a centre assessment grade or providing evidence to the awarding organisation, you should normally raise these concerns with your school or college. In some cases it may be appropriate to bring those concerns directly to the awarding organisation instead.

Check your qualification’s awarding organisation website for further details on appeals.

1. Will I get another opportunity to take my assessment?

For many vocational & technical qualifications there are already a number of assessment opportunities throughout the year. Some awarding organisations are providing additional assessment opportunities for some qualifications. Talk to your school or college to see if this applies to your qualification.

2. I haven’t been assigned a grade – what do I do?

Some learners might not have received a result and were expecting to, in which case you should first speak to your school or college.

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