My heart goes out to everyone in our community at this time of crisis, especially those at the frontline of the medical response, those most at risk of illness and those worried about their work and family. My office is currently in contact with a vast number of people, organisations and interests across the constituency and we are working hard to help everyone.

The national COVID-19 response is being led by Public Health England (PHE), which is also providing regular information to the public. However, this site has been put together by my office as a comprehensive additional resource for local people. It was first published on 19 March and will be updated frequently during this crisis. Given the situation is fast-moving, it may not carry the latest information at all hours. Instead, the main government information portal - should be checked as the primary source of public updates.

Daily briefings are now being held and televised from No 10 Downing Street too. In Eastbourne, mostly behind-the-scenes, an enormous amount of work is being done by our NHS staff and our public officials, to respond to this pandemic, keep people safe and save lives.

I will do whatever it takes to support an effective joined-up response in our town. I will work to answer constituents’ concerns and relay and amplify their voices within government. I will champion the best public health advice and routes to accessing help during the emergency.

However, this emergency cannot be solved without your help. Stay at home, go out only for food and medical essentials or for essential work; keep a distance of 6ft, or two metres, from others at all times when you do go out for supplies or to exercise. Self-isolate if you have a fever and continuous cough. Wash your hands for 20 seconds frequently.

Think of your family, think of your neighbours, think of others at all times.