About Eastbourne and Willingdon

Our stunning town, is one of the Jewels in Great Britain’s crown of seaside resorts, and boasts a whole array of unique features.

The town’s recent history began development in or about 1800, when a series of four hamlets were formed ‘East of the River Bourne’, which gave the town it’s name.

There are however some buildings in the town, parts of which date back to the 12th Century.

The Duke of Devonshire, who's family remain a major land owner in the area, oversaw the design of the town, and it’s Victorian feel in parts was influenced during the building of the original vision. 

There is currently a population in the town in the region of 100,000, and Eastbourne has held the record in recent years as the sunniest place in the UK.  Add to this the Victoria splendour of the seafront, the rugged beauty of the South Downs and Beachy Head, and the contemporary feel of Sovereign Harbour, we believe it is one of the loveliest places to live in the Country!

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The beautiful Village of Willingdon is also within the Parliamentary constituency of Eastbourne, although it is very much an area in it's own right.  Formed of Upper Willingdon and Lower Willingdon, much of it is nestled at the base of the South Downs, north of Eastbourne itself.  In common with much of the constiteucy it has some wonderful views, ancient buildings and much to offer the tourist and residents alike.  Also famous as the place where George Orwell wrote 'Animal Farm'!